Help one of Slovenia’s famous literary heroes, smuggle “salt” across Ljubljana

Meet his colourful group of friends and follow them across the city. They will teach you how to survive as the lowest of the low in the city…the smuggler.

Martin Krpran is well known in history for smuggling salt…but he cannot do it alone, so he needs your help! You will be divided into three groups, every group will hew a “smuggling” teacher/guide.

And so, in the cover of darkness the smugglers depart, they must visit three locations in the city, where they will receive the “salt” and other smuggling goods. But be careful the “city watch” are policing the streets, looking for anyone carrying “salt”. If the smuggling students are successful, they will gain entry to the castle, where a great feast is waiting for them.


Who is Martin Krpan?

Martin Krpan is a fictional character created by the 19th-century Slovene writer Fran Levstik. The popularity of the story led to it becoming a part of Slovene folklore and made its lead character a folk hero. A smuggler by profession, he makes a living by illegally transporting salt. With the help of his loyal, diminutive mare, he carries the salt from the Adriatic Sea coast to the Slovene Lands and elsewhere in Inner Austria ….

Wow factor Experience Ljubljana by following the footsteps of the most popular Slovenian fictional character
Incentive type   Cultural Experience
Best time of the year All year round
Number of participants Minimum: 2
Maximum: 50
Duration (in hours) 2 hours
Location Ljubljana
Hotel recommendation Grand Hotel Union, Hotel Lev, Hotel Slon

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