Kažun, a characteristically Istrian structure, is a single-room stone masonry building, usually with a round floor plan. They are most common in the south of the Istrian peninsula, with more than 3000 in the vicinity of Vodnjan, but you can see them in the northern and eastern Istria as well. A kažun would traditionally be used as a shelter by farmers and shepherds who worked on fields and pastures a long way from home, as well as for tool storage. In the Kažun Park, you will be shown the entire building process. By special arrangement, a workshop can be organised for your group, in which the participants will take part in building a dry-stone wall around the Kažun Park.

Wow factor The ancient architecture of Istria
Incentive type   Cultural Experience

Historical Experience

Best time of the year All year round
Number of participants Minimum: 2
Maximum: 50
Duration (in hours) 2 hours
Location Vodnjan
Hotel recommendation Park Plaza, Arena Hospitality Group

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