Darko Pekica is a man of many talents. He is, among other things, a writer, a performer and a farmer who specialises in cheese production. As of this year, he is also running a brewery, together with his colleagues Dorijan Siljan and Dino Grgorović. Their craft beer, Kampanjola, was an instant success with beer lovers. Three variations are currently produced. The crucial part of the operation, however, is combining organic cheese, beef and vegetables with beer. While the homemade sausages, ombolo and prosciutto are out of this world, visiting the farm also gives you a singular insight into the Istrian soul and lifestyle. All of this is also a part of an authentic story of organic production, which has also been certified—just like all the ingredients of Darko’s beer.

Wow factor A marriage of the first organic beer in Croatia with superb local organic products.
Incentive type   Culinary Experience
Best time of the year All year round
Number of participants Minimum: 2
Maximum: 20
Duration (in hours) 3 hours
Location Svetvinčenat
Hotel recommendation Park Plaza, Arena Hospitality Group

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