Culinary enthusiasts have long known that due to its climate, soil conditions and specific olive tree varieties, Istria offers exceptional conditions for olive tree cultivation. The virgin olive oil of Istria is obtained solely by mechanical means and is neither chemically nor thermally processed, yielding extra virgin olive oil of world-class quality. The programme consists of a visit to the unique Museum Olei Histriae, followed by a guided tasting session at the premises of one of the most well-known Istrian olive oil producers, Chiavalon. The museum guides will take you on a trip through time—from the Romans, all the way to modern production techniques. You will familiarise yourself with the scent, taste and composition of Istrian olive oil, as well as its favourable health effects.

Afterwards, at Chiavalon, you will see a marvellous demonstration of how everything comes together in practice. Among other things, you will learn to recognise premium quality extra virgin olive oil and find out why you shouldn’t trust just any oil you buy at the mall. You will find out how the timing of the olive harvest influences the quality of the oil, as well as how to use olive oil properly in your kitchen.

Wow factor The land of the healthiest olive oils in the world
Incentive type  

Culinary experience

Combination with other incentive programmes

Best time of the year All year round
Number of participants Minimum: 2
Maximum: 50
Duration (in hours) 2 hours

Pula, Museum Olei Histriae

Vodnjan, Chivalon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hotel recommendation Park Plaza, Arena Hospitality Group

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