Only three years ago a couple from Kamnik made its first steps in trying to brew own beer in its garage. Since then they had both left their regular jobs. Now they own and run one of the most famous Slovenian craft beer breweries and pubs – Mali grad (Little Castle).

Mali grad offers an incentive programme that first takes visitors on a half-an-hour walk through the brewery’s production where the brewery’s history is presented and the details on the ingredients, brewing, fermentation, and maturing of the beer are explained. At the same time, one learns details of the equipment used, as well as sees example of the beer bottle filling.

After this educational and interesting introduction to beer brewing, the visitors move to the Mali grad’s pub. Tables full of plates with cold cuts of Kamnik’s local dry meats await the guests. And then the tasting and exuberant trip into the world of craft beer starts. The tasting consists of 6 beers served in specially shaped glasses that allow for a better release of fragrances so one can notice aromas and undertones that accompany an individual beer.

By every beer tasting, the »Beer Master« explains all of the characteristics, ingredients and specialties for the Mali Grad Brewery’s main goal is to educate visitors full of thirst for knowledge … and for beer. City of Kamnik, only 20km ride from Ljubljana, is the best place for this beer incentive because its location, in the midst of the Kamnik Alps and under ruins of two castles, awakenes in a congress guest all of the senses and feelings.

Best time of the year:All year round
Duration:1,5 - 2 hours
Number of participants:Min: 10 / Max: 20
Location:Slovenia, Kamnik, Mali Grad Brewery


Mali Grad Brewery
(Pivovarna Mali grad)

Address: Kamniška cesta 19, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

Phone: +386 (0) 40 705 885


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