Located 11 km from Pula, Vodnjan is a town that has largely retained diverse historical architectural styles and is very charming with its narrow medieval streets and stone houses. Large murals by street artists on various squares and streets add an urban touch. In the Vodnjan heartland there are numerous vineyards and estates called “stancija”; one of those is Stancija Buršić, home of the only Istrian prosciutto producer in Vodnjan, as well as one of the largest in Istria. In addition to providing a prosciutto tasting session for your group, they can also prepare an authentic Istrian lunch.

Wow factor Authentic Istrian prosciutto with a protected designation of origin status
Incentive type   Culinary Experience
Best time of the year All year round
Number of participants Minimum: 2
Maximum: 150
Duration (in hours) 2 hours
Location Vodnjan, Pula
Hotel recommendation Park Plaza, Arena Hospitality Group

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