This drink is a mix of wine and mineral water or a mix of wine dilluted by water. To figure out the balance between wine and water, you must try it for yourself.


Cockta is a drink, which was at the time of its making in 1952 the counterweight to the American Coca-Cola. A drink, full of nostalgia is the region’s speciality.

Piran sea bass

The Sea Bass is renowned as one of the most elegant and prized sea fish, and among sea bass, special recognition was given to the ones coming from Fonda fish farm.

The olm or proteus (Proteus anguinus)

The Proteus or olm lives only in the caves of the Karst region, stretching from Soča to Montenegro, with the majority of them living in Slovenia. You can observe them in the Postojna cave.


The unique venue for ski jumping is also one of the most unusual incentive venues.

Radenska or Jamnica

A synonym for mineral water in the region – Radenska, Jamnica, Knjaz Miloš.


Barcaffé is the most famous and appreciated coffee trademark in the region. Coffee lovers acknowledge their high quality and superb taste.

Kings Landing

One of the most famous locations of the Game of Thrones series was in Dubrovnik.

The Alps

The most beautiful Alpine and mountain landscapes in Europe are the ideal location for active and adrenaline incentive programmes spiced with high-end cuisine. The picturesque Alpine valleys are photogenic in every way.

The Adriatic Sea

For many, the first association with the Mediterranean is the Adriatic Sea. With shades of blue and turquoise and the Mediterranean smell of figs, rosemary and Pine trees. A true sea fairytale.


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