Born in a small town in Austria called St. Veit, as a small boy Mr. Kurt Daell was adopted and grew up in Copenhagen, where he still lives today. He made a name for himself in Denmark and after finishing Law School at the University of Copenhagen, he turned his interest to entrepreneurship and went on to build a great career.

He became the owner of the Daells Varehus department stores, known throughout Denmark and Scandinavia, but he never lost his deep connection with Austria, and so in 2011 he bought the Dienstl Gut property. What really captured his imagination about this property was the fantastic location, the vast greenery and a landscape perfect for horse riding.


Dienstl Gut is one of the most modern horse riding centres in Carinthia, widely praised for its architecture, location, and contact with its natural environment. The entire property is surrounded by pristine forests and green pastures, so it’s little wonder the horses are always having such a good time. The covered and outdoor riding stables, together with all of the accompanying facilities, offer excellent conditions for horse riding activities, regardless of the season. Treated like royalty, the horses have bright and spacious stalls, walkers for training and all of the infrastructure resembles a horse hotel of the highest category. Dienstl Gut is a training centre for the three classical disciplines: Dressage, Jumping, and Military. The military ground, which has twice been part of the European Championships for young riders, was reactivated and adapted in 2013.


When someone who isn’t directly connected to equestrianism visits this magical place, he or she can immediately tell that horses have a very relaxing effect on people as well as the on the general atmosphere. At the same time, the centre’s surroundings are very picturesque and also suitable for recreational horse riding or every other kind of human-horse interaction. The goal of the centre is to bring horse riding closer to all age groups, therefore they offer beginner, advanced and individual classes for recreational, jumping and dressage programmes. The classes are carried out in smaller groups (2-4 riders) and are also perfect for organised congress groups.


The centre isn’t all just horse hooves and saddles, though – it is also known for its excellent cuisine that makes the restaurant very popular for different kinds of events. It can sit around 70 guests and its traditional wooden interior design makes for a very relaxed atmosphere ideal for socializing. The romantic location and excellent culinary offer are the main reasons that Dienstl Gut is so popular for weddings, with practically every weekend sold out. The garden offers amazing views all the way to the legendary Hocosterwitz mansion and you are able to enjoy them seven days a week.


Alongside the centre is their thoroughly renovated hotel that on first sight takes you back to the olden days. A pleasant living space, spacious restaurant and exceptionally friendly staff members who are taking care of this large property will make sure your stay is as pleasurable as possible. The cuisine is authentic, local and seasonal. There are currently 23 rooms that, whilst not the most luxurious, definitely offer enough comfort to their guests.


The natural environment and well-equipped conference centre enable carefree and enjoyable event organisation well away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The centre also offers special teambuilding events for meetings planners. You can spend some time with the beautiful animals and learn new things from the passionate people that take care of them. This harmonious synergy between man and beast is in the air right throughout the centre.

Reitsportzentrum Dienstl Gut GmbH
Wiendorf 1
9314 Launsdorf
Telefon 0043421334596
Fax 0043421321404


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