Rado Rac, Concierge

We’ve gone behind the scenes of the Hotel Livada Prestige in Prekmurje to open up some of the more private views to our readers. We believe that here you will truly be able to get a feeling for the melancholic and hospitable Prekmurje soul. There is no doubt you’ll be excited about the Prekmurje congress experience, especially with the exceptional people there to care for your well-being.

Prekmurje is a region that believes it emits a special energy, and Rado Rac’s energetic career in tourism in Prekmurje is almost as long as Slovenian independence. As a concierge, he often has the first and the last contact with hotel guests and he knows that when you say a friendly ‘hello’ to a guest after an exhausting journey it can immediately transform their day. Rado likes to really make an effort and remembers the habits and needs of his regular guests. Over the course of a long career you can experience everything and a good concierge also becomes something of a psychologist, who with broad experience can anticipate the demands and expectations of guests. Conference guests are in this respect no different to the regular guests, perhaps only in being more familiar with the appreciation of professionalism and hospitality. It is important to cooperate with a guest from arrival right through to departure, and the best feature of a concierge is that he knows how to observe and recognize a guest’s needs; sometimes just one word will make a guest feel properly cared for. Rado likes to advise the younger colleagues and offer them sound guidance, and as a true sportsman advises them that the concierge profession requires dedication with both body and soul, as the work can sometimes be hard and stressful.

“I am pleased with dynamic work that includes meeting new people and meeting their expectations”


Tanja Husar, Head of reception

With her parents associated with tourism it was natural that Tanja always wanted to work in a hotel and know what was going on behind its walls, so pursuing a hotel career was a logical outcome and in no better a place than Prekmurje, the land of hospitality and friendly, charming and open-minded people. It helps that Tanja is the personification of all of these traits and for her every guest is a story in itself, and she has endless interesting stories, such as one from the past when she and her colleagues even organised a funeral for a pet! The tourism offer in Prekmurje has fundamentally changed since its inception; the main reason for coming was once the thermal water, but now active leisure and adventure is equally important. The sense of adventure is certainly not lacking in Prekmurje, and nor is a superb cuisine. The Hotel Livada Prestige reception team is working hard to have as much information available as possible in order to offer the full range of the genuine Prekmurje experiences to guests. Tanja’s motto is that it is always necessary to find the right solution for guest satisfaction.

“Tourism is people, and from a very early age I was fascinated with life in a hotel.”


Andrej Regoršek, Director of catering

Working as a waiter in the army, where he immediately loved to engage with guests, made a lasting impression of the hospitality profession on Andrej Regoršek. His private catering career now continues as part of a large restaurant orchestra with more than 170 employees and his congress guests extend to pension-age guests with an awareness of healthy diets and latest food trends. The Hotel Livada Prestige cater to this with their native recipes that are prepared in a modern way with a creativity that can leave you speechless, such as with their excellent Locata Panonia dessert. This is a modern interpretation of the traditional Gibanica (layered cake) and epitomises the culinary philosophy of the hotel. The close contact with local suppliers and the strong cooperation with them is a part of their new, culinary trademark and Andrej is proud of the expertise of its team, which is the bedrock of their success and quality. This once shy culinary orchestra is today making the best culinary music in Slovenia and has been crowned with many awards. With Andrej you are in very safe hands also for both wine and food for weddings – he is a sommelier and wine lover, and a great connoisseur of Slovenian wines. He is especially impressed by the exceptional quality that the winemakers of Prekmurje have recently been achieving in their harmonic wines with moderate alcohol and sugar levels going perfectly with the local cuisine.

“The people, hospitality, helpfulness and cuisine in Prekmurje are incomparably better than in other regions I have known.”


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