Time Machine in Carinthia

1 Night Incentive / 24 Incentive Hours in Carinthia

Carinthia is a supreme incentive destination full of surprises at every step. For example, even the enthusiasts for technology, engineering, and petrol fumes will get their share of delight. The technological and engineering museum in Ferlach is a hidden pearl that additionally offers to your team-building programme a sweet ride on one of the most scenic Alpine roads towards Dobrach. The excellent culinary tradition in Carinthia is, of course, less surprising. What is more surprising, however, is the fact that this time the outstanding culinary tasting will be accompanied by beer flavours, for the programme includes a visit to two first-rate craft breweries.

Moments of Zen: Driving Villach Alpine Road
Quality time: Historama museum
Must see: Pyramiden Kogel
Must do: Nostalgic Bus trip
Our’s pick: Loncium Brewery


Getting there: Airport Jože Pučnik LjubljanaAccommodation: Falkensteiner Schlosshotel VeldenEat and drink: Catering and Loncium BreweryGateways: Over 60 different incentive programmes can be incorporated into your Carinthian incentive experience

DAY 1: Time capsule

10:00 Arrival at the Ljubljana airport and transport to Carinthia
11:00 Arrival at the Historama
11:30 Time Machine at the Historama
The trip starts at Historama, the largest private museum of engineering and traffic, located in the former nail factory in Ferlach. More than 500 displayed exhibits will certainly fascinate you. Additionally, you will be amazed by more than a dozen buses that were built between 1949 and 1984, and span all the way from Steyr cabrios to the legendary Saurers.

13:00 Nostalgic Bus trip to the PyramidenKogel
It truly is a privilege to have a vintage autobus ride while going around Carinthia’s countryside. The driver works hard on the wheel and gear stick, for the bus does not own a servo wheel.

15:00 Beer Revolution at the Loncium Brewery
The most famous Carinthian craft brewery Loncium welcomes everyone eager to acquire knowledge of craft beers. You will learn about the history of the brewery, while its founders will show you the technology behind the production and birth of one of the oldest beverages in history – beer. You will get a chance to experience a legendary beer-inspired menu and get acquainted with all the flavours from the Loncium beer portfolio.

20:00 A night in the Casino Velden
Gamble the night away with casino tables, fun money, chips and croupiers! Treat your team to a glamorous night of gambling and game playing…

23:00 After-party or return to the hotel


DAY 2: Alpine road driving experience

08.00 Breakfast at the Schlosshotel Velden

09:00 Driving Carinthia’s Most Scenic Roads
Carinthia offers some of the most scenic and spellbinding driving roads in the world. One of the most famous roads is the Villach Alpine Road. The event begins with a one-hour driving class led by professional instructor with a racing background. We can create a driving experience that‘s right for your needs.

13:00 A Visit To The Schleppe Brewery
Schleppe Event Hall in Klagenfurt is truly a boutique and special venue with rich brewing history and a unique setting for various kinds of events… The tour takes visitors through the brewery with an opportunity to try 4 sorts of refreshing beer and relax a little bit at the end of the tour.

16:00 Departure to the airport


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