Glamping tents offer an extraordinary luxurious space and the only thing that might remind you that you are in a real tent is the sound of raindrops falling on the roof, the nightly owls’ hoots from the forest and the morning’s bird songs. Camping becomes ‘glamping’ from the moment you open the zipper and find yourself in a tastefully furnished “hotel” suite with your own private terrace, jacuzzi, spacious bathroom and a setting in direct contact with nature. With our incentive programme you will discover two Slovenian glamping hubs and two amazing touristic destinations – Bohinj and Bled, and the Savinja Valley.

Moments of Zen

Herbal Glamping resort Wellness

Quality time

Camplet experience

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Bled and Bohinj

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Scout teambuilding

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Genuine contact with nature


DAY 1: Back to the Basics

10:00 Arrival at Ljubljana airport
10:30 Eco rally towards Bohinj
Drive electric vehicles to Bohinj and compete in a minimum fuel consumption challenge, with the winner becoming the leader of the incentive camp. On the way we will stop for a team test at Bled glamping.

12:00 Carpe diem Camplet experience
Glamping trailers, equipped with everything you need to survive in the wilds, await you in the Bohinj camp. During the afternoon the preparations of each camp will take place, followed by a competition for the most beautifully furnished glamping tent.
18:00 Campfire
Once gathered around the campfire, prepare yourself for several scout challenges and for discovering the scouting lifestyle, which is built on a love of nature, exploration and the protection of nature. Anybody who’s been dreaming about sitting next to a campfire since childhood will find it difficult to resist the charms of a scout’s challenges.

20:00 Scout’s dinner
A romantic scout dinner that you prepare for yourself, followed by a competition for the best goulash.

DAY 2: Herbal Glamping

08.00 Taking down the glamping tents and cleaning the campsite
After a scout breakfast you will engage yourself in a team task of taking down the glamping tents and cleaning the campsite. We will turn this usually quite stressful chore into an interesting team experience, where you will get the chance to prove yourself by tying knots and by testing your sense for orientation.

11:00 Towards Ljubno
After a short snack, we will continue our journey towards Ljubno near the river Savinja, where the first boutique glamping resort, recognizable for its herbs and aromatic plants, opened its doors. The entire settlement is laden with sustainable concept stories – from a picturesque herb/vegetable garden right through to its natural swimming pool.

Glamping 13

13:00 Being accommodated in glamping tents
Each of the 10 tents has a double bed and another decent bed on the floor. There is space for four people in one glamping tent and a special treat are the showers surrounded by wooden walls and covered by a glass roof that gives the impression of taking a shower under the stars. The owners have equipped the tents with great care given to the finest details and to providing top lighting conditions. They also ensured the possibility of heating, meaning that the resort can welcome guests all year round.

14:00 Cookery course and herbal workshop
After fishing in the nearest river and picking herbs from the garden, you will prepare lunch with the help of a restaurant chef. The ingredients for the courses must be local and of organic production, so herbs and aromatic plants can be freshly picked from the garden. On the cookery course you will learn about the herbs and how to use them in the production of cosmetics, teas, liqueurs and herbal spirits.

17:00 Free for wellness pampering
Relaxation and pampering with herbal scents to bring an end to an unforgettable day.

20:00 Glamping campfire
In the evening we will gather together around the campfire, where everything is already prepared for the teambuilding challenges. Just in case it rains, the restaurant in the main building that holds 40 guests is always there as an alternative.

DAY 3: Departures

09.00 Transfer to the airport, with the possibility to extend the stay in the wellness centre.

Getting there:Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana
Accommodation:Glamping tents Camplet and Herbal Glamping resort
Food and drink: As with scouting custom you will prepare most of the food yourselves and we, as organisers, will provide you with the necessary ingredients to prepare the courses. To wrap things up you are invited to the Herbal Glamping resort in Ljubno to try their superb cuisine.
Gateways: Bohinj is an hour away from the airport. Glamping is located in the heart of the Upper Savinja valley and is an hour away from Ljubljana.


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