Foody Heaven In Carinthia

2 Night Incentive / 48 Incentive Hours in Carinthia

Carinthia’s first-class culinary story

Carinthia is a refreshing culinary surprise fulfilling expectations of the most demanding and spoiled foodies through its rich offer and quality service. Fresh and local ingredients, that you can taste in one of the 12 exciting regions, is what Carinthia vouches for. Its cuisine is best described as a fusion of Alpine and Mediterranean kitchens. During your incentive programme, you will get familiar with regional delicacies and learn how to make your very own “Kärntner Nudel”, one of the most famous dishes in Carinthia. The programme incorporates six experiences through which you will explore the region of Carinthia, its innovative chefs, and;

  1. Moments of Zen: A visit to the Pyramidenkogl with magnificent views of Carinthia
  2. Quality time: Carinthia’s cuisine isn’t just a food thing – it’s a way of life
  3. Must see: You will learn everything you need to know about Karnten Laxn, Carinthia’s delicious salmon trout
  4. Must do: Learn how to make Kärntner Nudel
  5. Our pick: Carinthian Caviar


Getting there: Airport Jože Pučnik LjubljanaAccommodation: Falkensteiner Schlosshotel VeldenEat and drink: The entire programme is tied to first-class cuisineGateways: Over 60 different incentive programmes can be incorporated into your Carinthian incentive experience

DAY 1: Slow-food journey in Carinthia

09:00 Arrival at the Ljubljana airport and transfer to Carinthia

10:00  A visit to the Pyramidenkogl and a welcome drink

11:00 Herbal Worksop with Cristine Spazier
Christine Spazier’s Kräuterspatz offers hands-on workshops that get you acquainted with the positive physical effects of the Carinthian herbs and spices. In the workshop, you will learn how to determine the plant’s origin, what benefits you can reap from it, when is the best time to plant it, and how you can best use it.

13:00 Transfer to restaurant Sonnleitner

13:30 Cooking class with Sissy Sonnleitner
Sissy Sonnleitner is one of the most outstanding cooks in Austria. The whole group will take part in the seminar in the Sonnleitner restaurant. The cook seminar consists of modules with cool videos, amazing recipes, some theory, and a complete know-how and practical tips.

17:00 Schnaps experience
After cooking and tasting delicious food in the Sonnleitner restaurant, a visit to the Pfau distillery in Klagenfurt will definitely be right up your alley. Time, patience, serenity, and maturity have all been the ingredients shaping the Pfau distillery under the management of Valentin Latschen, helping it develop from a small “basement distillery “, located in the family inn, into a top distillery renowned all over Europe.

20:00 Dinner at Maria Loretto Schloss
Maria Loretto Schloss is one of the most idyllic locations on the shores of lake Wörthersee, providing the perfect setting for a slow-food dinner. A memorable place to finish off your first culinary day with a cosy vibe.

23:00: Overnight stay at Seepark Hotel or any other hotel of your choice

DAY 2: Hiking and Wine tasting

08.00 Breakfast at hotel
A typical hearty Austrian breakfast consists of authentic Carinthian products and you will surely get to know more about them as the day goes on. Breakfast will be a great way to gain some extra strength, so you can embark on a culinary journey up Gerlitzen Mountain.

09:00 A culinary hike up at Gerlitzen mountain
The journey starts at the bottom cable car station that will take you to the start of the hike, where you can enjoy breath-taking scenery of the Gerlitzen mountain range. The 30 minute hike will take you to the first Alpine hut, called Pöllinger Hütte, where you can enjoy the traditional “Kärnter Kasnudle”. This will boost your power and energy levels for the next 45 to 60 minutes hike to the Almseehütte. There you will be able to try the juicy Alm Steaks before setting off for the next alpine hut, called Gipfelhaus, where different Strudle specialities are on offer. The Gelitzen experience is then completed by taking the chair lift back to the middle station, or if you fancy a bit more hiking you can also walk down yourself.

13:00 Carinthian caviar
Shrouded in many myths, caviar is well known as a culinary ‘drug’. Each autumn the unique char caviar – which is now well known outside of Carinthia – is harvested. Using a specific process developed by the Sicher family, the caviar is preserved in a completely natural way. The “Sicher Carinthian Caviar” is, of course, offered in the Sicher restaurant, but is also featured as the “star of the menu” in many other high- end restaurants both within and beyond Austria.

15:00 Wine tasting in Carinthia
Believe it or not, Carinthia is well known for its wine production and quality wines. Most of the winemakers are united under the consortium and will be happy to share with your incentive group information about the region’s terroir and characteristics of the different wines. The consortium brings together 25 passionate winemakers who carry on the Carinthian winemaking tradition.



19:00: Cooking with innovative chefs in Carinthia
Carinthia prides itself on numerous young, award-winning, and innovative chefs. You will get a chance to meet chef Thomas Gruber, who will take you to culinary paradise through his workshop. His restaurant is located in a town called Pörtschach am Wörther See.

23:00: Overnight stay at Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden or at any other hotel of your choice

DAY 3: Departures

09:00: Transfer to the airport or the possibility to prolong your stay in Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden’s wellness centre


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